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Want unique and modern design elements? Kitchens & Bathrooms are the design team for you!

Here at German Plan, Kitchens & Bathrooms we are interior designers based in Newport Pagnell offering free design service in Milton Keynes.

The elements we use to accessorize and design homes are always sleek and upscale.





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Are you looking into new fitted kitchen or Bathroom?

Fitted kitchens and bathrooms are becoming more and more popular among homeowners seeking a chic, contemporary look for this part of their property.

Their clean lines and seamless appearance differ considerably from the old-fashioned style associated with more  traditional kitchens and bathrooms.

These may contain freestanding appliances and individual cupboards and vanity units that may have been bought over time and might not match the existing fittings.

Kitchens and Bathrooms of Milton Keynes offers a wide range of fitted German kitchens and bathrooms, including those with contemporary, traditional and modern designs. As we also provide kitchen appliances and bathroom accessories to go with these fitted kitchens/bathrooms, you can enjoy the convenience of knowing your brand new kitchen/bathroom is completely finished from the moment the installation is over.

Why buy fitted kitchens and/or Bathrooms?

Fitted kitchens and bathrooms have plenty to offer homeowners looking for a way to make over this part of the house.

When you buy a fitted kitchens/bathroom, you will be able to specify exact measurements so that the units and appliances will fit into the room precisely.

You also have the advantage of choosing cabinets, gadgets and accessories that all match each other, as specific ranges of fitted kitchens and fitted bathrooms tend to encompass all of these things and more.

So if you want a contemporary fitted kitchen in high gloss purple, for example, you can select kitchen units of this colour and type along with kitchen appliances in a finish that will complement the cabinets and slot right into the spaces allotted to them in the kitchen. This can also apply to our fitted bathrooms and en-suites.

Compare this with the process of buying each component of your kitchen/bathroom separately, which often creates headaches when it comes to knowing the measurements of cupboards, appliances, sinks, taps, baths and showers when you go to different shops to buy them.

And of course, if you can't find the products you want and have to settle for something else, this could change the entire kitchen/bathroom design and layout.

With fitted kitchens and bathrooms from a specialist design company, you have the benefit of knowing exactly what you will be getting and where it will all go - as well as the fact that your new kitchen/bathroom will fit perfectly into the room.

Buy fitted kitchens and bathrooms from German Plan (Kitchens & Bathrooms Co.)

If you're interested in the benefits of a fitted kitchen/bathroom and want to know more, German Plan can help you create your dream home. With our free planning and design service and up to date 3D drawings we will be able to show you a taste of your dream kitchen and/or bathroom.

We have a wide range of contemporary and traditional fitted kitchens to choose from, as well as kitchen appliances and accessories such as unit handles and storage solutions.

Our large selection of Villeroy & Boch bathroom ware coupled with Matki showers and Hansgrohe taps can always give you that look of elegance.

If you choose to buy a fitted kitchen/bathroom from us, we will send our expert designers to your home so we can get an idea of the measurements, the specific range and related items you desire and where you want everything to go.

After this, a technical survey will be carried out to conduct extra checks - this makes sure there will be no unexpected issues when we come to install your brand new fitted kitchen/bathroom.

You can take advantage of a range of easy ways to pay as well as a customer service helpline if you have any queries about your order.

We will also ensure our own team of professional installers are on hand to fit your new kitchen/bathroom when it is delivered for a stress-free process.

So if you're interested in a brand new fitted kitchen/bathroom and would like to find out more about how we can help you get your dream kitchen/bathroom, please call us today on 01908 615615 or send us an email

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